Monday, 14 February 2011

Forklift - Character Design

this truck is an offroad hence the large front tires, and the fork arm is more robust to cope with extra stress.

the wheels are situated right at the back of this fork lift and are very small. this is a very compact truck.

this is more of a industrial heavy load, heavy duty truck, to lift loads higher.

this is a very unconventional cool design, again the wheels are right at the back, the driver sits in the pod. the mechanism is very basic.

i like the cartoony take on the fork lift, although it is still a truck it does have a little personallity with the eye like headlights and it looks a bit childy.
it only has the main details of the fork lift.

this truck has a tall mast to lift stuff higher

a modern concept for pallet transport forklift

another cars forklift toy. showing anger, these trucks are almost powered pallet trucks rather than forklift trucks that just transport heavy loads.

this truck also has a high mast allowing it to lift objects high. its is very compact and narrow.the driver is fully encased in the cab.

this forklift is very different to the others. it has a high mast wide wheel base and small offroad tires. the cab is to one side like the larger industrial forklifts but has a mast like the smaller ones. the cab is also open.

Operators can drive forklifts backwards because the objects are carried on the front of the forklift, blocking the operator's view. This is also why the steering wheels are the rear wheels.

another reason for the rear wheels to steer allows for the front wheels to be as far forward as possible for the pivot point to allow the counter weight to be less.


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